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- Male: 18 to 40 years; from 1m65 high, weighs 55 kg or more.

- Female: 18 to 38 years old; from 1m55 high, weighing 45 kg or more.

- Qualifications culture: high school graduation.

- Have good health, no infectious diseases, no defects, no tattoos over the body.

- Curriculum vitae clearly personal, no criminal history, no drug use,

- Priority who have experience, know foreign languages, martial arts or working in the armed forces, police, the military service. Company support for the staff working outside the province.

- Implement full policies, social insurance - health insurance for employees.


Receiving records and interviews at:

Office of the Provost Administration - MTV Co. Ltd. Protection Long Van.

Address: No. 1 Road 42, Ward 4, District 4, HCM City (opposite the swimming pool Van Don)

Tel: 08.39411634 - Fax: 08.39411684

or contact Ms Page (0907 212 895) for more details


Hotline: 0903 801 402

Director: Nguyen Xuan Hoai