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Dynamic, creative and overcome difficulties

In the morning of Feb.22, the first working day after the long New Year holidays, Saigontourist Transport Corporation has officially started working with exciting atmosphere. Continuity of successful year 2009, the company has served guests in Tiger Year  successfully.

Effective activities during the Tet holidays
As a Company has worked in the field of multiple services, except the administration department, nearly 75% Company's workers was willing to serve customers on every mile of the way: from pilgrim visitors in provinces, domestic and foreign visitors, citizen and surrounding visitors... and Company’s guard forces have contributed effectively to ensure order and safety at amusement parks, hotels and restaurants
Reports from Company’s business departments is an impressive greetings New Year, because all business activities are stable, ensure safety transportation. A lot of taxi drivers were present fully, avoiding to happen any accident. Many taxi drivers returned the passenger’s properties in cars such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras ... it’s created a beautiful image about Saigontourist’s taxi drivers.
Dynamic, overcome difficulties
The year 2009 passed, overcoming all difficulties and the impact on the global economic crisis, the company’s revenue total had increased 55% comparing the year 2008. To achieve this success, company has promoted to develop business in the fields such as: travel services, transport concurrently expanding joint venture many other services with the motto "quality -productivity " . The most outstanding service is tourism increasing 17% compared to 2008, travel increasing 4% for domestic and outbound tourism. Besides, the main business is transportation services, Especially, Company pay attention to promote the development of labor export based on the orders from abroad.
In late 2009, the approved of the concerned government agencies, the company has set up a Long Van Security Company, Ltd with the business scope of security services, from property, life safety, Guests feel secure about customers in Vietnam and toward the guards export to countries’ need. Although nascent, the company has received many unit co-operations, they welcome the new services in the protection of internal order and security control, the security services at the recreation point, entertainment, security in hotels, restaurants ... as Exhibition Centre at District 7, Dong Khanh Hotel , Continental Hotel , Majestic Hotel , Rex Hotel, Hong Yen gold shop, Shop Zen, Viettinbank office ...
With nearly 500 professional cars, in 2009, the company honored to be chosen as a transport company in HCM for Asian Indoor Games 3 held at the first time in Vietnam from Oct. 30 to Nov. 11, 2009, creating an big achievement in Vietnam and abroad ...
Labor export: a strength of the company
Although operating from September 4, 2009 but the Labor Export Center of Company has signed many orders for the thousands of labors to the Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Dubai markets.. . Concretely, in the Malaysian market, the company has signed eight orders for labors to work in electronic factories, metallurgy, furniture ..
In Macau, the company signed with Hangking and Exel Company providing labors in hotels and security guard.
In Japanese market, the company has also set a good relationship with two well-known hotel groups of Okabe and Mikazuki Hotel Group to provide staffs working in hotels and restaurants belongs to these groups.
Specially at the beginning of Jan., 2010, with the company's reputation in the recruitment of labor and export to other countries, the company was participated in the recruitment of labor in the poor Districts to work abroad approved by the Labor Management Department of Government . At the present, all plans have been executing.
With the plan in 2010 "all for production and profit" in high determination, initiative, creativity, all staffs of Saigontourist Transport Corporation are trying their best to got achievement celebrating major events in the year ...
(Source: Nguoi Lao Dong)